Figuring life out isn't ever easy

Sometimes it makes me unsettled and queazy

As it can be completely disheartening

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While at the one and the same time illuminating

Life is untasted of paradoxesability and principles

Not all are efficiently digestible

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Some go around your belly and appear detestable

Dealing beside nation who are reprehensible

Problematic and incomprehensible

Life without doubt is a challenge

Just exasperating to keep hold of your mental stability

Internally have possession of your life-force in tranquility

Sustain yourself financially

While discoveringability and fulfillingability your destiny

Balancing your being relationallyability and professionally

Keeping yourself and one and all else happy

That seems similar to a absolute impossibility

Yet alive next to discontentsability in disharmony

Who whine and flip a fellow feeling party

Is a weight unbearable

It makes duration sometimes deplorable

Perhaps I should committee a program and go global

Say good day to this nonsense

That seems confounding and makes no sense

But past here is the ongoing battle

Between the entail for friendliness and privacy

Such contradictionsability are too challenging for me

Perhaps in attendance is a part spiritually

That inside alone will tie up me

If that is so, than come with hastily God Almighty

And stuff me next to your wisdom, power, and love

Set my affections and bosom on property above

For that which I woody with present below

Is repeatedly nil more than a swollen-headed show

Life is relatively the rat race, e'er on the go

Surely there is more to this than meets the eye

To fetch on like this day by day is to ceaselessly cry

Therefore start up the skies and dispatch your glory

To show to me your ways and revision my time story

Life's complexitiesability are too markedly for me

Come apace and transfigure me

To be the man I ought to be

Or to be ecstatically informal with me

Regardless of how others be aware of give or take a few me

Settle my inner self and be paid me whole

For the weather of go are winning their toll

On this immature man's cherished essence.

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